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“The art of mind management through Sundarakaanda”

With Manasvi, we will have a transformational journey gaining clarity on the choices that we make in life, assessing the efforts required to reach the desired goal, and how to lead our life, etc. Manasvi is the outcome of enormous research by the "Thavaasmi" team on Sundara Kaanda.

  • Content is presented as a dialogue between a mother (Manasvi) and teenage daughter (Thavaasmi)
  • Authentic based on Valmiki Ramayana - Focus is on Sundarkaanda
  • Discussion designed to make the best leaders, teachers, students and individuals.
  • Practice and introspection made easy using KRIA (Knowledge, Retrospection, Introspection in Action) activities
  • Aesthetic richness through situational images
  • Mind maps are used to make assimilation easy
Manasvi launched by our honorable chief guest Sriman K.V.Chowdary garu Former CVC, Former Chairman CBDT