Vision & Mission of EduAct Innovation Labs

We at EduAct ILabs believe "sā vidyā yā vimuktaye", which means "THAT is education which liberates(from all sufferings)". But, does our current educational trend support such purpose? We embarked on a journey to find THAT real purpose and we are here with "EduAct Innovation Labs" as a means to achieve THAT purpose.

EduAct is a platform as well as an organization to promote research in the domain of education to make it more result oriented, liberating, enriching and enjoyable. We are here to promote those innovative ideas which can be implemented across the length and breadth of the education system.

In short, we at EduAct ILabs invent, revive and adapt education models to deliver the best to the learning aspirants and the supporting institutions. Backed by enormous research knowledge with several years of experience in the domain of education, we focus on making organisations and people more resilient towards the turbulences of the ever changing world.

But we just dont stop there. It is just the starting point.

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We believe in

sā vidyā yā vimuktaye

It's action, which doesn't promote attachment. It's knowledge which liberates. All other actions are mere effort/hardship.